“all inside”

VERSA LIFTER NEEDLE is a disposable, dynamic organ suspension system for laparoscopic procedures.

It creates more space in the abdomen and improves the visibility during the operation by moving organs « out of the way » and minimizing the amount of devices needed in the field. By doing this, it helps the surgeon achieve a better surgical outcome.

VERSA LIFTER NEEDLE is fully repositionable and adjustable intraoperatively. Its anchor can be placed and replaced to constantly adjust the retraction angle to the needs of the surgeon. The distance between the anchor and the peritoneum is easily adjusted multiple times to allow the surgeon a greater on-going flexibility during the operation.


Due to its unique design, VERSA  LIFTER NEEDLE is a « hands free » device and frees a hand and a port for the important tasks of the surgery.
There is no need for other internal or external retraction methods that require an extra port, thus reducing the incision associated risks and improving the cosmetic result for the patient.

VERSA LIFTER NEEDLE has the simplest technique and doesn’t require change of instruments for its manipulation, thus saving operating room time.

VERSA LIFTER NEEDLE is currently used to suspend the following organs: Uterus, Colon, Stomach, Galbladder and Bladder.

VERSA LIFTER NEEDLE is fully compatible with robot assisted surgery.

  • Reference

  • Description

  • Needle Length
  • Trocar Compatibility
  • Units per box
  • VN10A05

    Laparoscopic Retractor

  • 5 cm
  • 10+
  • 5
  • VN10X05

    Laparoscopic Retractor

  • 6,5 cm
  • 10+
  • 5
VERSA LIFTER NEEDLE®, laparoscopic retractor, is a surgical device. CE 0088 manufactured by PROTOMEDLABS, France. Registered for sale in USA. Refer to instructions for use. The R&d program was supported by OSEO, Région Alsace, the European fund “FEDER”