Founded in 1994, IRCAD has gained world renowned fame as a leading research and education institute. IRCAD’s research orientation has always been directed towards the development of less invasive surgical techniques. Every year, 4000 surgeons from all over the world are trained by a team of 800 international experts.  IRCAD’s international success led to the construction of twin institutes in Taiwan and Brazil.

IRCAD and SURGICAL PERSPECTIVE collaborate on the development of new surgical tools. R&D collaboration was particularly fruitful in the ISIS PROJECT which aimed to develop new flexible tools adapted to single port and endoluminal surgery, internal retraction devices and a complete robotic system.


NESA: New European Surgical Academy

The New European Surgical Academy, founded in 2004 in Berlin, is an initiative of international leading surgeons from different disciplines. Their goal is to re-evaluate existing surgical procedures, optimize and rationalize them where necessary, introduce new surgical procedures and ideas, share, educate and transfer the gathered know-how to countries with limited resources.

SURGICAL PERSPECTIVE started a scientific cooperation agreement with NESA in 2013. NESA conducts clinical evaluation with SURGICAL PERSPECTIVE’s TPEA LIFTER.